Reflections and Predictions

One year… A lot can happen in one year.  It does not always feel that way but from our windows we have seen many changes.

We have seen old houses give way to new construction, witnessed families grow with new members, and children get a little older.

Philadelphia can often feel fast-paced, alienating, and socially brusque.  In our first year we have seen groups of people come together as a community to talk about common themes, share anecdotes and hear each others passions, careers and aspirations.  We have been fortunate to serve and engage our neighborhood and also get to know great coffees.  We are so proud to witness and help facilitate such a special community.

It’s been an exciting year.  This next one is going to be even better.  Accordingly, we have some ambitious plans for the café, the calendar, and the menu.  Stay tuned.


Shot Tower

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